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Branding, copy direction, copywriting
My work at Kaplan Test Prep involved a number of brand refreshes, in which I and my creative director led the effort to train the company internally on the voice and visuals of our brand — and the way it evolved to stay ahead of trends and differentiate itself in the test prep market.

I created a number of internal resources for various teams and departments, including an online brand book and audience profiles that provided a baseline for market research and became key resources for new hires and agencies. While these resources were used for basic training and support, all creative requests came through our brand / creative team.

Marketing video and emails

Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails

What do you do when your BFCM promo goes on and on (and on)? Let your users in on the joke.

Online brand book

Audience profiles

Created for each of Kaplan’s top 10 different audiences (MCAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT, etc.)

Choose your learning adventure

Created for each of Kaplan’s top 10 different audiences (MCAT, GRE, SAT, LSAT, etc.)

A 3-question quiz that students can answer in about a minute recommends the best Kaplan class or practice option for them, based on how much time they have until their test. Buzzfeed-style questions offer a low barrier for users who might otherwise become overwhelmed by the decision.

The result provides one featured recommendation, followed by similar products that might be useful. Students are then targeted with promotional emails for their recommended product. Quizzes and email journeys were custom-versioned for students taking different tests, with copy tailored to each demographic.

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